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Original Pomade


59 reviews


There’s nothing like the classics. This original oil-based classic formula is provides a light hold and brilliant shine. Formulated with quality snow-white petrolatum to give ultimate shine, ideal for buzzed and shorter-to-the-scalp haircuts. When used repeatedly, the violet color helps tone the yellow from gray or white hair.

Size: 3oz jar

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for buzz cuts
  • Brilliant shine
  • Gluten free

How to Use: Rub generous amount between hands to warm up. Apply evenly to dry hair. Style as needed. For Safety Data Sheet, click here!

Bundle packs are available for retail customers only.

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Did you know that Original is the first product Johnny B. ever created? Perfect for buzz cuts, this pomade helps keep the scalp soft and hydrated while giving you that sleek, low-maintenance look.



Emulsify and warm up the product in hand. Original works wonders alone or mixed with other products to create a different effect. Style freely without worrying about any product buildup.

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Formulated with just 5 ingredients, Original Pomade uses the highest quality snow-white petrolatum to give you that lustrous shine that doesn’t dissolve throughout the day. It’s a great go-to for styles that don’t need crazy amounts of hold.

Hold Tight gel close up

Compare Pomades

Original Lava Clay Molding Paste Street Cream Dope
Product Type Oil-based Hybrid Clay & Wax Water-based Water-based Water-based
Hold 2/10 6/10 7/10 8/10 8/10
Shine 10/10 8/10 5/10 1/10 8/10
Ideal For Buzz cuts Thick or curly All hair types All hair types New pomade users

59 reviews for Original Pomade

Based on 59 reviews
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  1. My barber had been using Suavecito for a while and I’ve been an American Crew guy for the last year or so, but now both of us are on the Johnny B train after he tried some in my hair. This pomade is oil-based, unlike American Crew and Suavecito, which is nice for a number of reasons, like how it easily breaks down onto your fingers for easy application, and how it adds a balanced sheen to my hair without having to spend time fiddling with the spray bottle or worrying about having a mountain of pomade weighing down my hair. This stuff is great to apply to towel-dry hair, which is ideal for hair like mine that gets super wispy and dry right out of the shower.

    Overall, a very solid entry into the oil-based pomade selection, great for folks who want to experiment with a bit more shine and richness in their hair. It’s honestly nice adding a small dab to my beard, too. Also worth nothing: the smell. This is definitely a fragrant pomade, with an aroma that’s a little hard to describe – somewhere in the realm of fruity and that general aroma of men’s deodorant and cleaning products. Personally, I’m a fan, and I think it goes well with the deodorant I wear, but I couldn’t fault someone for not feeling the same way.

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  2. Great pomade all around, for guys or girls!

    I’m lucky enough that my salon carries this product or else I never would have found it! I got my hair cut into a messy pixie a few weeks ago and my hair stylist recommended I try this in order to style it without using tons of gel and heavy products. I honestly can’t imagine there being a better product for lightweight styling.

    It emulsifies very easily, but I find it’s more effective to dab a little on each thumb and spread it across your fingertips instead of all over your palms. Your hair will pick this stuff up very easily so you run less chance of overdoing it if you only get the pomade on your fingertips and kind of come it through and pluck at your hair.

    It doesn’t dry hard or look greasy at all. This stuff gives a very soft finish, to the point that you can quite easily run your fingers or a comb through your hair after it’s been absorbed. It hold your hair where you want it without the horrid drawbacks of other styling products. No stickiness, no greasiness, no stiffness. It leaves your hair looking VERY shiny too, but in a natural way, not an “I just smeared a boatload of gel on my head” kind of way. It also has a nice, subtle scent; kind of like a cologne, but it dissipates after a short while and isn’t obnoxious or too “perfume-y”.

    My favorite thing about this though is that it lasts forever. I mentioned my hair is a long pixie, but it’s also marvelously thick and horribly resistant to styling. I generally only need about a pea to a dime sized amount of this stuff and it will cover my entire head of hair. I’ve used this every other day for 3 weeks and I’ve barely made a dent in it. My hair is going to be grown out before this gets close to being gone.

    If you’ve got short hair, BUY THIS. It’s amazing.

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  3. Great product

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  4. I love it, not just because of the name but because it does a Great job keeping thick hair in place! I’ve been using it for years and haven’t found anything that comes close.

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  5. Love! My 14 year old son swears by this stuff and it smells amazing!!! We’ve been buying it for years!

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