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Johnny B. Mode 100ml


A high-shine and strong gel that’s great for creating wet looks or styles.

checkmark  Scented

checkmark  High Viscosity

checkmark  Alcohol Free

Control Gel 100mL

Versatile Styling

A versatile styling gel with a strong hold for all hair types.

checkmark  Versatile

checkmark  High Shine

checkmark  Alcohol Free

Fuddy Gel 100mL


A matte-finish gel with great control and outstanding performance.

checkmark  Strong Hold

checkmark  Matte Finish

checkmark  Alcohol Free

Hold Tight Gel 100mL


A matte-finish gel designed for all hair types. Strong and reliable hold.

checkmark  Strong Hold

checkmark  Water Soluble

checkmark  Grit Free

Hold Up Powder


An easily absored styling powder perfect for creating volume and texture.

checkmark  Unscented

checkmark  Water Soluble

checkmark  Reworkable

Mode Control Fuddy Hold Tight Hold Up
Product Type Gel Gel Gel Clay gel Styling powder
Hold 6/10 6/10 8/10 9/10 8/10
Shine 8/10 8/10 4/10 2/10 2/10
Ideal For Medium to thick hair All hair types Thick or curly hair All hair types All hair types



Original Pomade with box packaging

OG Formula

Original classic formula designed to add brilliant shine to the hair.

checkmark  High Shine

checkmark  Gluten Free

Lava Clay with box packaging

Hybrid Formulation

A pliabile and smooth texture for easy application without losing texture.

checkmark  Humidity Resistant

checkmark  Gluten Free

Molding Paste with box packaging

Pliable Paste

Designed to tame hard-to-control hair without sticky residue.

checkmark  Water-based

checkmark  Gluten Free

Street Cream with box packaging

Fibrous Cream

A great primer for any style and can be layered without flaking or build up.

checkmark  Matte Finish

checkmark  Gluten Free

Dope Texture Gel with box packaging

Beginner Pomade

Considered a beginner’s pomade, holds like a gel but pliable like a pomade.

checkmark  Top Seller

checkmark  High Shine

Original Lava Clay Molding Paste Street Cream Dope
Product Type Oil-based Hybrid clay & wax blend Water-based Water-based Water-based
Hold 2/10 6/10 7/10 8/10 8/10
Shine 10/10 8/10 5/10 1/10 8/10
Ideal For Buzz cuts Thick or curly All hair types All hair types New pomade users

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