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Original Formula Back!

You’ve heard the saying don’t know what you got til it’s gone? We felt that deep with this one, and although it took a while, our barber fave ORIGINAL MOLDING PASTE FORMULA IS BACK AND IN STOCK! Designed to tame hard-to-control hair without sticky residue, a dime-sized amount is all you’ll need to add pliable texture and definition with a more natural-looking matte finish. The water-based formulation can be reworked as needed throughout the day.

  • Water Based
  • Pliable for Great Definition
  • Gluten Free

How To Use: Rub generous amount between hands to warm up. Apply evenly to dry hair. Style as needed.

Hold Level: 7/10

Shine Level: 5/10


For Safety Data Sheet, click here!

9 reviews for Molding Paste

Based on 9 reviews
  1. They changed the formula for what this used to be and it’s terrible now.

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  2. I’ve been a loyal customer for years so imagine my shock when I discovered you changed the formula. I now have 2 that I purchased that are useless. It does not work for my hair anymore. It seems you’ve lost many loyal customers by changing a great product into a horrible product. Not a great business move.

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  3. Hello there, loyal customer here. Been using this routinely for many years. I am disappointed to say it seems like the formula has changed and now the product leaves the hair dry and rigid, rather than more movable throughout the day. The contents of the container dry out much quicker as well. It seems as now its been entirely changed. Please go back to what has worked for all these years!

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  4. This used to be my favorite hair product. However, they had to have for sure changed the formula as is now almost unworkable through my fine/straight/medium length hair and dries hard like a gel. There is no indication on the website or product of this and the labels appear to list off the same ingredients. Thought I had gotten a bad batch and have since purchased from multiple sellers including the website, but still remains different. If you look at reviews on various places (including here) you will notice similar complaints, so definitely not alone on this. It seems illogical to continue to make it like this as majority raved about this product prior and now has consistently gets poor reviews. Hopefully someone from the company actually reads this and addresses this.

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  5. The formula has changed to a horrible hard, dry paste that is not at all moldable as the name would imply. It is nearly impossible to style hair with, and it leaves hair hard and crusty. It looks awful, and it needs to be changed back immediately. The old formula was nearly perfect; there is no good reason at all to change it to this ugly new one! Please bring it back!

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