Don’t Trip

By Roy Tahtinen

The 2023 vibe at Johnny B. is loose and laidback, in an LA kind of way, honoring a community that works with their hands to create art on the daily. The most important post-pandemic takeaway for this unique profession? Tough times don’t last; tough people do. That’s the mentality we carry with us moving forward. In other words? DON’T TRIP. We can’t control everything that’s thrown our way, but we can control the way we react to the ups and downs.

Don't Trip artwork in Teal, Pink, Jade, White

JB “Together” Logo

By Roy Tahtinen

At Johnny B., we celebrate that we are better because of our community. A group of people who are different, yet connected. Professionals with their own path, one-of-a-kind standouts, and individuals from every walk of life. This typographic treatment was created by an artist to celebrate the artists in haircare who although unique, together–make us all better.

Zip Hoodie available for purchase.

The Barber Collection

By Roy Tahtinen

The Barber Collection Stickers were inspired by a visual world of classic barber tools and vintage beer cans, along with the craft and care that goes into authentic hair care. The goal was to be eclectic and represent a range of looks that celebrate Johnny B. By using retro imagery and attention to detail, we tried to capture glimpses of Johnny B and this world he is privileged and proud to be a part of.

The Barber Collection Stickers available for purchase.

Barber Collection Sticker 4 - JB letters
Barber Collection Sticker 1
Barber Collection Sticker 5 - chair design
Barber Collection Sticker 3 - Johnny B banner
Barber Collection Sticker 2 - Johnny B in front of a trimmer

More Artwork

Lifted spray artwork
DaVinci Man Window Cling