Featured Artwork

By Roy Tahtinen

This Johnny B. illustration is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing titled “Vitruvian Man” which represents the concept of the ideal human body. Just as the human form needs a sense of balance, I wanted to demonstrate that the ideal barber needs the right combination of tools as an extension of their hands in order to create their art. By illustrating our products along with design cues from the brand we were able to achieve a very confident Johnny B. that is proud of the art he creates. When I found the quote from da Vinci that says, “Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art”, it seemed to perfectly summarize this concept and elevate the art of authentic hair care and our Renaissance man Johnny B.

More Artwork

It feels like just yesterday people were saying “That’s dope” when they wanted to say something was cool. Adding “this is” brings back that phrase to make this piece cool and hip.

The name Fuddy is inspired by a very special person who continues to bring any room to life with charm and charisma. Adding “I am” to the art takes you down a path of old-fashioned feel-good times.

Something that STILL hasn’t gone out of style is raising the height on pickup trucks to make them look cooler and more menacing. The art is inspired and literally elevated from a retro throwback style.